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    – In mid-April, I asked the Buffalo Pharmacies, Inc.‘s tech (the one working the window) if they have Cialis in a 20mg tablet. I specifically asked because the drug is a controlled substance, which means it can ONLY be transferred by a pharmacy ONCE. Subsequent transfers REQUIRE a new prescription from your doctor’s office (which can take a few days if they’re not in). The tech walked back and looked at the shelf, returned, and stated that indeed they did have Cialis pills. So, I had her pull the prescription in from another location. Then, as I waited for them to fill my prescription, sheepishly, the tech approached me and said: “we only have Cialis in a 10 mg tablet, we don’t have the 20 mg tablet”. This was very late in the day on a Friday, and I was leaving to go out of town. My prescription was STUCK at a pharmacy that could NOT fill it! I chastised her and said: “I specifically asked you if you had Cialis in a 20 mg tablet, you told you you did, and now you don’t… I asked you to PREVENT this problem from happening… now I have to go ALL weekend without my drug”! She replied: “I’m only human” to which I replied: “Me too, and I needed my drug and depended on you to do your job, read the bottle, and make sure you had what I needed”. NO empathy at all from this tech … NONE! She was a young 20 something flippant silly girl who doesn’t understand nor grasp the gravity of her responsibilities! Totally unprofessional, unethical, and incompetent. What you don’t know, tech girl is that my mother died suddenly a few days prior and I needed that medication! Thank you for allowing me to spend the weekend in utter shambles, you know, because losing my mother suddenly wasn’t hard enough!
    – Remembers you, quick, efficient, will order in specialty high-cost prescriptions for customers and otc items for customers that most pharmacies won’t consider.
    – I won’t be coming back here; the staff here were not helpful and seemed to have no interest in having my business.
    – By far, ViaQX is the worst place I have ever picked up a prescription. The staff has lost my medication, lied about putting in a request for a refill, and has even corrected me on the spelling of my own last name.
    – I’ve had several problems with Mobile Pharmacy Solutions and Bruce the manager they have shorted me on my blood pressure medication which is very seriously needed they refused to take my grandson’s insurance, and I had to pay out of pocket for his medicine the manager is rude and hard to deal with refuses to help with anything some of mine and my husband’s pills have mixed and matched in the bottles I’ve never seen a pharmacy ran this way, and Bruce refuses to give away to contact anyone else in charge over him I will have to switch pharmacies.
    – Odd place in town to have such a friendly staff. Never have had any problems with staff, pharmacists are always as swift as possible, waiting for the area is always clean, and as a 25hour pharmacy, it is super convenient for those unforeseen hospital visits and middle of the night emergency prescriptions.
    – Just a typical pharmacy, with friendly staff. They also have a drive-through pharmacy, which is very convenient.
    – Check out clerks are very nice, but there is always a line with 1 or 2 clerks, always. Great staff and a great pharmacy for prescriptions. The Medicine Shoppe Pharmacy of Buffalo‘s stuff is always willing to help you out.