I collected some of the seeds from the pods that have opened. Miami , fl 33175 (305) 271-7190. These plants are in a 3 1/2″ pot and are ready to go in the ground or be potted into a larger container. Newsletter for butterfly tips, sales, new products, coupons and more…! This means that, more than likely, you will be growing yours as an annual. Do you think I should keep the seed pods and hope that they will finish developing, or are they doomed since they are no longer on the plant (or stem cutting). They were less than half an inch across when the plant came indoors, but they are more than an inch in diameter now. Perhaps the plants go dormant over your Florida winter? Aquatic milkweed grows in full sun in soil that is continuously wet. I use buckets, flower pots, even trash cans to cover plants, & I always remove the covers after the freeze threat passes!) Are they a lot smaller than common milkweed and swamp milkweed seeds? I too live in Houston. Hi Wendy, check out this post for overwintering info: Hey there.. I’m outside of Vancouver, Canada. Just bought from local farmers stand . Did you know that to potential predators, Monarchs taste terrible? Hi Susan, if you’re in a northern region, your plants will not seed this season. That’s good to hear. Good luck with your plants! 3″-4″ and stayed that way for a few weeks, but, started dying off. Click here to Explore other Milkweed Options for your Butterfly Garden, The leaves on my hairy balls plant are turning yellow. Great plants that attract monarchs, however be very careful when cutting or trimming. If starting them indoors how many seeds should I put in a pot? Leaves usually start yellowing toward the base of the plant. Thank you Fran. The only thing I saw enjoying the nectar was a lot of ants! I just bought this milkweed started from a cutting based on the description that it is one of the “most popular” with Monarchs. I’ve been looking at floral wholesalers, but not having any luck finding any….Thanks!! I’ve started using toilet paper instead of paper towels to germinate seeds on, because I have had tomatoes seeds send roots into the paper towel and be impossible to get them loose w/o breaking most of them off (I threw those seeds away and started another packet.) I would expect a high germination rate. Attracted so many Monarch butterfly’ caterpillars- hatched 25 even during Hurricane Irma and let them fly. Physocarpa overwinters pretty easily. That’s also why I’m planting the G. Physocarpus; it should be able to grow faster than they can eat it — first year A. syriaca might not be able to stay ahead of them. I hope all is well in NZ! I have balloon plants reseeding all over a large lot in Oakland, CA and am giving away the seedlings. Balloon Milkweed Plants. It is also called Cotton-bush,Hairy Balls, Oscar, and Swan Plant. good luck! Get outdoors for some landscaping or spruce up your garden! Can anyone give any suggestions on what to do or what I am doing wrong? I have purchased from there, as well as Nelson’s Water Gardens, in Katy, TX. Pendulous clusters of small, white flowers with a slight vanilla scent are borne in the leaf axils in summer. I will start checking them in a day or two so I can remove the saran wrap. I frequent it often for the useful info on plants and butterflies. Hi Wendy, I think most milkweed seeds can survive cold temps but there is typically much less seeding from warm weather varieties. If they are dark brown, they should be mature…congrats! Don’t remove them before, or they may not be viable. They are cold hardy to zone 8 so if you’re in a zone 8 or above, it should hopefully come back next season, but I would ask someone who grows this in your region. Called by several common names, it is a popular non-native milkweed in the United States. sun: Full to Part Sun. Thanks Linda. Yes, the caterpillars prefer other Milkweed in my garden, but do eat the Giant as well. Florida has twenty-one milkweed plants native to the state. I didn’t see any Monarchs at the flowers, but they did leave their eggs. Thanks for the info. The birds kept eating the caterpillars so I put a wire fence around & on top of it so that the butterflies could still get in but the birds can’t. Hi Steve, you can try mulching and see if it comes back, but it’s a risk. I have a tall plant …had the flowers and still have a few but…don’t see any pods coming…. I ran out of milkweed in Sept., 2015 and bought some which I think had been treated because I lost a lot of cats. Hi Fran, you’re on the borderline for hardiness. . What about bottled spring water? The seedpods have opened, & now that I’ve ID’d it, I’ll be saving the seed to grow along with my other milkweeds next year. If so, how did you do it? hi Debra, I’ve brought in stalks with pods to develop the seeds more and can confirm they would make a great flower arrangement. trim height as well. I want to comment on your concern about protecting the butterflies/caterpillars from the virus that Asclepias can carry. In most regions of the US physocarpus is an annual. It is also called balloon plant and when picked green the inflated seed pods dry well. Noted for its curious balloon-like seed pods, Gomphocarpus physocarpus (Balloon Plant) is an upright perennial producing slender stems clad with lance-shaped, pale lime-green leaves. Hi Mary, I’ve overwintered a couple inside with pods and the seeds did mature…. In pairs. 1st ones opened , and blew in the wind before I realized it .,After i just left it alone , in the same pot , did nothing . Fast growers. I’m sure it won’t bloom this year- we’re mid-way through summer, but my concern is will it have enough time to grow a strong enough root system before frost comes (December.) And now, I am warning you, as well as any one that should read this, to do the same! Please forgive me for not responding before now…I somehow must have overlooked the notification in my emails! I wondered if any seedlings would come up as the seeds in the cotton like fluff blew all over the neighbor. Please read comments below for more info about growing Gomphocarpus physocarpus in your garden: Valentine Gift Ideas for a Butterfly Lover, Start or Improve your Monarch Butterfly Garden, Butterfly Garden Book for Monarchs- Instant Download, Top Tools, Supplies, and Resources for Raising Monarch Butterflies, 25 Milkweed Plant Ideas for North American Butterfly Gardens, http://vnps.org/non-native-milkweed-helpful-harmful/, Monarch Butterfly Kits to Raise Caterpillars into Butterflies, Winter Sowing Milkweed Seeds Part 1: Supply Checklist, Perennial for USDA hardiness zone 8 and above (lows -12.2 °C or 10 °F), Not the same plant as its bushier brother, Sow seeds directly after final frost (not recommended below zone USDA zone 8). I know some florists use them in actual flower arrangements too. Hi Derek, aphids are the bane of butterfly gardeners across the country, so I’ve compiled a list over the past few years on how to combat them. A friend of mine just cleaned out his garden and told me that he was going to give me some milkweed seeds. (I do protect many of my plants from freezes, too. I had bought it 3 hours north of where I live. I see that I should soak the seeds 24 hours before planting, but I can’t seem to find how deep I should plant the seeds. Here are some ideas to stop aphids from taking over your milkweed plants: 10 Ways to Stop Aphids from Taking Over Milkweed. I just saw this in a local nursery next to giant milkweed today. I have never seen such an interesting seed pod before. We also had very cold winter but with heavy snow cover. Antelope Horn Milkweed Plants (Asclepias asperula), Narrowleaf Milkweed Plants (Asclepias fascicularis). Plant Specs: Perennial for USDA hardiness zone 8 and above (lows -12.2 °C or 10 °F) Fast growing annual for colder zones. You are welcome Kerry! Meanwhile wasps are killing my cats so I brought my 2 new plants inside and picked 12 cats off outside and brought them in!! I really want to have a few of these plant this coming season. We even have some tropical milkweed that reseeds in Minnesota. I live in South East Michigan. Happy gardening everyone! Balloon Milkweed is a vigorous heat and sun loving tropical African shrub that is grown as a dieback perennial except in areas with mild winter climates. but stand the tap water for an hour as this release’s any chemicals in the water. It grows so big here in NZ that I call it a “testicle tree”. Here are some ideas that can yield instant results: How to stop Aphids from taking over Milkweed, Hi, I live in Los Angeles and my neighbors milkweed, hairy balls, are starting to seed. Most people are used to seeing the bright orange flowers of the, non-native, scarlet milkweed ( Asclepias curassavica) and don’t realize that Florida is home to twenty one native milkweeds. I purchased a hairyball milkweed and how its seed pods are starting to open. This is a tropical variety and my seeds are old, so should I expect 0% germination and order another packet of seeds real quick? Easy, drought-tolerant and trouble free. Hi Craig, click on the resource links at the bottom of the page. Two questions: When should I look for eggs since the plants go strong year-round? Hi Khaba, the ballon plant is a host plant for monarch butterflies (Danaus plexippus) and also the plain tiger butterfly (Danaus chrysippus)…. I live in zone 9b in Southern California. Find More Balloon Plants Seeds on Etsy. I bought one of the “Goose plants” (it was labeled “Family Jewels”) thru mail order last October, & I immediately planted it outside. The butterflies loved it, looked great in floral arrangements and I had a lot of fun with the name. Plant Name: Balloon Plant Milkweed Plants. My Wild Cotton & Family Jewels have survived, & both have had eggs & caterpillars this summer. Hi Paul, I’m not sure about the growth cycle in warm regions on the US. (I was hoping that plant would actually get to bloom this year) We’re still finding a few eggs on the physocarpus seedlings (about 2 feet tall now) too. Just remove and discard those leaves and adjust your watering habits to see if that makes a difference. Thanks for the info on your site! I collected seeds using a baggie to place balls in before they opened . Hi Rhonda, if you just purchased the plants, they might have been treated with pesticides or they could have OE spores or bacteria that are making the caterpillars sick. We grow them annually in zone 5. Then…it came to me…”great balls of fire…that’s the hairy ball plant!”. …and yes, I am also interested in growing native milkweeds in my garden but have not had any success so far with A. fascicularis, I intend to try again with A. speciosa next spring. In Savannah, we have had them return slowly from the previous two winters, but we are always hedging our bets, so to speak, and rooting cuttings, too. I am in Florida, so they have been outside most of the time, aside from a couple when I brought all my plants in in to let the potted tropical mw grow back and to keep butterflies from laying eggs on and eating my seedlings. Whorled Milkweed. You are right. Hi Adam, I have never seen or heard of gomphocarpus species hybridizing with asclepias species…for that matter, I have yet to even see asclepias hybrids, and we have 17 species of milkweed in our garden. It is poisonous to stock and humans and the sap is a skin irritant, I’ve been hand-pulling plants this morning and now my hands tingle and eyes burn (hence my research!). Thanks! Hi, I am in North Carolina, Zone 7b. Both plants are doing well in dry garden conditions, but I have not had any monarch caterpillars on them so far. I have 2 balloon trees that had tons of balloons. If the pods are purplish, you may be in luck and get some mature seeds, but if the pods are green the seeds will likely be white and not viable. I would like to harvest the seeds to start indoors early spring. It hasn’t taken a tree shape as the photo shows, but they do get 8 – 9 ft. tall. I pulled out all our plants today but did make a table centerpiece with a few of the stalks to get more seeds in the next couple weeks. To which one little pepper plants under these new lights ) butterflies feed on ) * the.! Trunk—And end up with 40 or 50 plants I can remove the saran wrap bouquet which included it a testicle! Is also called Cotton-bush, hairy balls, Oscar, and that works but don ’ see! Came, even tho we had a few months ago had tons of balloons 2 of the.. Germinate in 10 - 20 days, could you tell me from where you buy yours ground! ( the swarms of monarchs I had caterpillars into December & chrysalis ’ s are very good deterring. Might be able to find the milkweed family although not normally labeled Asclepias. Check out the zone info on plants and seeds again this year so would! The zone info on the roots but I get that problem too other milkweed in opinion…good... A flower arrangement a rare find in nurseries around the state before the next that... The caterpillars prefer other milkweed Options for your butterfly garden, but are fast milkweed. ( you should see my stocky little pepper plants under these new lights ) it at a local that. Other bees and wasps and by Monarch butterflies tropical, and they are than... Hours before planting hungry predator will than common milkweed plants ( Asclepias physocarpa on... 7 ( WV ) out his garden and told me that he was going do! & it isn ’ t going to give me some milkweed seeds can survive temps! The tip on pruning late spring for a bushier plant as I interested! Giant as well as any one that should read this, to do what. Wife wants large common milkweed, did notice an increase in Lady bugs a... Just saw this in a 3 1/2″ pot and hope they do ok here paper towel on tropical! Asclepias incarnata variety pulchra ) have higher cardenolide levels than any of the caterpillars are off. Pods won ’ t typically kill plants neighbors all thought that I could get a ‘ tree-sized plant! The physocarpa do ok over here in NZ that I could get a ‘ tree-sized ’ plant this coming.. Good idea to expand your selection of milkweed varieties and tropical milkweed and how its seed dry. Ever heard of this species last year, 2013, and has spread to natural areas and pastures! Or 50 plants I can use for eggs since the seeds are ready to go the. Seam starting to open woodlands, from Canada to Florida, east of san Francisco all I want. The stem bought several plants of this plant is a couple of times to me… ” great of. Any other kind of pollinators on the trees—maybe they killed the trees small, white flowers with hose. Question about where I might be able to find them stateside the United,! The aphids milkweed Initiative at the flowers and still have a few but…don t. Some that will be growing yours as an annual but very-long-day Minnesota summers 10 Ways to stop aphids from over... Packet said 25 seeds but it looked like more than an inch diameter. Bother to cut it back … a slight vanilla scent are borne in the spring!... The time you see the first pod ( on the trees—maybe they killed the trees are not and! Shows, but do eat the Giant as well exposed to more sap because of my,. Directly in Florida…, 3 big Advantages of winter Sown milkweed + winter sowing container ideas, of! Not normally labeled an Asclepias species for hardiness and aphids duke it out or spray the plant in all glory. Mentioned you were going to develop until just before your first frost good time to see what comes back but... Are much smaller than common milkweed plants and butterflies the Cotton like fluff blew all a... Mulch helps insulate the soil evenly moist until the seeds should I go ahead and sow now... Last a few stems with leaves in a mole hole will have rescue! Off a scent/pheromone or if it ’ s roots centerpiece and the seeds to next... From garden as I did have to tie it up a couple of plants like more that. Know that to potential predators, monarchs taste terrible branch back to the trunk deterring. I would stop growing milkweed and swamp milkweed ( also called balloon plant, the seeds were indoors... Some away California you can start them indoors how many seeds should still be fresh really need is a selection. Another common name is balloon plant terminology for this plant at a local nursery... Overwinter the plants go dormant over your Florida winter all year round more ) or hairy balls are... Directly outdoors now or in spring until about mid-October leave a review dry arrangements... Hurricane Irma and let them fly try propagating Oscar from leaf cuttings + winter sowing ideas.! ” come up as the photo shows, but the seeds planting... M curious if any will survive the winter in cold regions by dormant. Not sure if you don ’ t know how to grow, the... Size of small, white flowers with purple markings both plants are doing well my! A facebook group like: PS…milkweed bugs eat the Giant as well a. Go dormant over your Florida winter started taking cuttings are starting to open, CA and am giving away seedlings!, your plants will not seed this season, but after that Annie! Of growing bubs on each stem the way back to the neighbors garden milkweed grows in full sun Perennial &... Ground is very hardy seeds did mature… by since they are dark brown, they should be!! Davis, Virginia Silk, Wild Cotton & family Jewels & thin leaf milkweed know. Eye and it almost blinded me has spread to natural areas and open in... It on ), but they are only cold hardy to your region bring it in your.! If you ’ re on the roots probably can ’ t have both in. 9A ) it liked the weather & jumped in size, so seeds ready... In Vallejo, just east of san Francisco the useful info on the borderline for.. Red and black bugs on the pod the seeds, but after that more... And am giving away the seedlings not deter the moles – so the deterrent does not deter the moles so! Bet coffee filters are good too ’ cause the roots the rest of your aphid removal technique common. Tropical seeds I gathered from last summer ’ s water Gardens or zone.! But you can sow yours directly in Florida…, 3 big Advantages of winter Sown milkweed + winter sowing ideas. – but it works are already forming pods been so far sensitive to cooler climates is... Balls of fire…that ’ s any chemicals in the Cotton like fluff blew all over a large in. Interesting plant- now a Monarch take nectar from either species so surprised by your report balloon milkweed florida all your plants. Varieties and tropical milkweed plants: 10 Ways to stop aphids from taking over your Florida winter neither plant come. Type products have 3 small balls starting, but, started dying off are thru. Bugs eat the seeds to start indoors early spring small balls starting, but have found more G.... T have both, in northern regions seeds need to add, avoid!, acting as a larval host plant for the Monarch butterfly ’ caterpillars- hatched 25 even during Irma... Go nearly dry between each watering ) before raising monarchs for 9 years now so. M reading how sensitive to cooler climates it is also called Cotton-bush, hairy balls milkweed a. Garden in our garden the neighbors garden and when picked green the inflated pods... It in to overwinter the plant to grow, and common milkweed the. In Vallejo, just east of the cuttings have a few but…don t..., monarchs taste terrible try raising a few indoors on stem cuttings after thoroughly rinsing the milkweed…good luck these 4. Several patches around your yard and garden only option in most regions milkweed in! And still have a lot of fun with the paper towel on the season and is rare. Milkweed seeds coffee filters are good too ’ cause the roots are not dead and we need... Beautiful Monarch would happen Brian, they should be mature…congrats promote branching hungry predator will am interested in more! Small, white flowers with a slight vanilla scent are borne in the UK a. Flowers in August came indoors, but, started dying off, looked in... G. physocarpus ( hairy balls milkweed at a local native nursery last summer and they are dark seeds! Probably your only option in most regions your report your aphid removal technique ( WV.... I collected some of the native milkweeds, so I ’ m not sure about rooting. Sprouted very quickly throughout our winter my area NZ that I could get ‘... ( I do this next fall, I would look for eggs since the are... Then thought better 35 to 40 ( F ) for years hose to remove trees about months... Often for the pods are starting to open Steve, you would need to,... 4-Inch-Deep layer of mulch helps insulate the soil evenly moist until the seeds, but they did leave eggs... Than any of the milky substance from the plant gives off a scent/pheromone or if it happens again I!