ApexDesk specializes in quality, affordable standing desks. LEDs are running along all the edges with 20 customizable zones. Featuring European design and engineering, the Elite Series Electric Height Adjustable Desk lets you transform seamlessly from a sitting to a standing position within a matter of seconds with a push of a button. Best Of 2020: 1995’s Nintendo Was Arrogant And Ahead Of Its Time All At Once, There Is Well And Truly A Functioning KFC Game Console: And It Keeps Your Chicken Warm, HellRaisers signs former Virtus Pro offlaner Resolut1on, Study shows esports players are healthier than general public – GENERAL – News, COVID-19 to Continue Dictating Availability of Capital – The Esports Observer, Adam Stern’s Top Five Stories of 2020 – The Esports Observer. The table top was coated with scratch-resistant laminate to ensure it will last you a long time. Ultimategamechair.com is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon.com, Amazon.co.uk, Amazon.ca, Amazon and the Amazon logo are trademarks of Amazon.com, Inc, or its affiliates. While the ApexDesk has rather humble origins that begin on the Amazon marketplace, it has quickly grown to become a well-known retail E-Desk. They should have enough space for your PC, monitors, and peripherals. It didn’t look too appealing and I stand up for work all day so I didn’t look forward to it but I love this and I actually feel a bit healthier because I spend half my time at the computer standing now as opposed to sitting down all day.The ApexDesk assembly was far easier than reviews were making it out to be. Missing your friends? I’ve played games longer than I can remember. You can’t go wrong with an ApexDesk Elite Series 60 standing desk, either. This desk has exceptional features, but it costs a fortune.Â. The most valued property of any good desk is the amount of stress it can take before it breaks down. Some people also have more focus when they are standing and get more immersed in their games. It has a hand crank while the adult models have electronic buttons or a Bluetooth controller. For us gamers, the adjustable aspect of the ApexDesk is a valuable feature, as we can switch between the two modes whenever it best suits us. From ApexDesk, this company is no stranger to making high-quality desks. The flagship standing desk in the Apexdesk line is the ApexDesk Elite Series Standing Desk, which gives users the feel of an executive desk, at a price point blow $650. From the glossy finish over the deck and the legs to the high level of refinement that’s dedicated to concealing the wiring and most of the electronics on the desk. The height adjustable range of this apexdesk elite series 71-in wide adjustable standing desk is from 29 inches to 48 inches. Standing desk, stand up desk, sit stand desk, adjustable desk, adjustable standing desk, adjustable stand up desk, standup desk, sit to stand desk, ergonomic desk, computer desk, study desk. The Respawn 3010 Gaming Desk is another standing desk with great functionality. Then ApexDesk Elite is a good port of call for another high-quality desk that delivers some serious walnut real-estate (other woods are available, of course!) The Arozzi Arena Gaming Desk comes in a range of attractive colors and looks fantastic. One of the biggest benefits you’ll get from this ApexDesk Elite Series desk is that you’ll be able to stand whenever you want and this is something you should do often if you’re someone who spends a lot of time gaming. The elite of the elite. It also has four presets, so you can set it for different heights for you to sit or stand.Â. It can adjust between 28 and 47.6 inches at a rate of one-inch a second. Standing desks have long been renowned to improve productivity. The build quality is incredible, with sturdy iron legs to support all the weight and a stylish gray aluminum body. From the glossy finish over the deck and the legs to the high level of refinement that’s dedicated to concealing … ​Some users were thoroughly disappointed that this gaming desk doesn’t come with its own cable management tray, something that other ApexDesk products have come with. ], Half-life: Alyx is *LEGITIMATELY* The Best VR Game of 2020! Once I got it going, I kept moving it up and down because it’s my first electric gaming desk and I was really excited by the concept of it being able to slide up and down on command. Please enter your username or email address to reset your password. The Apex Desk Elite Series Height Adjustable Desk distinguishes itself in many ways and is a big bang for your hard-earned buck: ➢ Stability – The underframe is constructed with … Automatic adjustable height standing desk that is designed in California. Anceder Go gameplay – Free game – oculus Go / Gear VR, Eureka Ergonomic 65-inch Standing Computer Desk, Wynn Resorts outlines online gaming ambitions, Rod Ratcliff Has Gaming License Suspended by Indiana Regulators, VR and AR tech is a real game changer | Insight. There are also lots of accessories like keyboard trays, CPU stands, and monitor stands available so you can customize it to your needs. You can control the height by simply pushing a button and it will memorize up to 4 different heights. The ApexDesk Elite Series 60" (starting at $599.99) is a sturdy, gorgeous standing desk available in two desktop sizes, both big enough to accommodate multiple monitors and devices. Who is a part of the Dream SMP Minecraft Server? Elite Series 60" W Electric Height-Adjustable Standing Desk (Memory Controller, 60" Top in Black, Black Frame)​, Elite Series 60 W Electric Height Adjustable Standing Desk, ​The Results You’ll Get from This Product, Z Line Belaire Glass L Shaped Computer Desk, E-Blue USA Cobra R Chair for Gaming Review (2020), Secret Lab Titan 2020 Gaming Chair Review, You can adjust the ApexDesk height from 29 inches to 48 inches and it moves at a pretty quick speed, which is 1.3 inches per second according to the manufacturer, Instead of having many different parts and metallic frames like a lot of gaming desks, ApexDesk has a one-piece steel beam that’s fixed, so you get a more lightweight desk but with the same level of durability and longevity as the other desks, There is some assembly required but it really only takes 45 minutes on average and 30 minutes or less if you’re experienced with assembling these types of ApexDesk gaming desks, Electric height adjuster allows you to adjust the height of ApexDesk with the touch of a button so you can stand up and shake your legs or stretch a bit, If you’re tired of sitting down, it’s healthy to get up and stretch or stand up once in a while which is what this ApexDesk Elite Series desk allows you to do, so you get the blood moving and flowing again, ​There are two motors featured in this gaming desk and they can support up to 225 pounds of weight, which is a massive amount of weight for a gaming desk to be able to support and move, ​The assembly is relatively easy with very crystal-clear instructions that are beautifully written and shouldn’t take you any longer than 30 to 45 minutes of your day when this package arrives, ​The laminate material made to construct this surface top is high-quality material and damage resistant that can’t be scratched (which doesn’t mean you should try to scratch it to go against our word), The stability of this gaming desk is super solid, even as you adjust the height at a fast rate of 1.3 inches per second, The look of the desk is sophisticated thanks to the beveled edges which are a nice touch on top and the non-sharp edges are also great for safety as well.