What else does the area offer? They lead through breathtakingly beautiful views of blue seas, waterfalls, and […] There are express buses from Oslo and Odda, and an express boat from Bergen. A new Munch museum is on its way in the Bjorvika waterfront area, close to the Oslo Opera house (2019). Left: The old Kavringen lighthouse on Oslofjord; Right: Boats on Oslofjord / © Freya McOmish & Adobe Stock. The region is home to the rock formation known as Trolltunga (troll’s tongue), a major hiker’s destination. You can take … Don’t worry, the commission we make comes at no additional cost to you. It is also possible to get to Hardangerfjord by car; the drive is approximately three hours from Bergen and four hours from Stavanger. Fjord Travel Norway » Destinations Norway » Visit trendy Oslo Visit trendy Oslo Iconic architecture has added a new reason to visit Oslo – the most charming of the Scandinavian capitals, with the Opera House & the Astrup Fearnley Museum, the Tjuvholmen & Bjorvika waterfront areas, trendy local areas such as Grünerlokka & a vast number of popular coffee shops. Looking for more fun in Norway? Sail with up to 12 others on a catamaran. You can travel by ferry; the DFDS ferry between Oslo and Copenhagen is one way to do it. You can kayak, hike, take in the view, and cook over fire pits while planning the rest of your trip. This tour offers a scenic drive from Oslo to Geiranger, as well as a personal tour guide to take you around Geirangerfjord and the surrounding area. Six days of kayaking, starting at Ålesund through the Storfjord & Geirangerfjord towards Geiranger village. Of course there’s the fjord itself, which is the sixth longest fjord in Norway at 106 kilometres. I strongly suggest you go on the smaller boat, they take you further out Even in the city centre, the nearest park is never more than a few blocks away. The residents, thank goodness, will be evacuated by that time, as a close eye is being kept on the mountain’s status. They’re formed when glaciers retreat, allowing the sea to fill in the remaining space. Experience the Sognefjord on the beautiful Sognefjord in a nutshell tour from Oslo! Fjord Tours – experience Norway in a nutshell® with one ticket. Oslo has something to offer all its visitors, … The fjord that started it all! Rooms start at 1150 NOK/night. Apart from seeing the fjord itself, there are a number of abandoned farms that sit against the fjord. Each hut has its own terrace and kitchenette. For weather more conducive to kayaking, cruises, or hikes, May – September is best. The fjord ends at Odda, a charming town to use as a base for your fjord-related adventures, whether you feel like hiking, kayaking, or anything else. It is right on Lustrafjord and Børestein Mountain is only 8 kilometres away; ideal for a day hike. Islands to visit include Hovedøya for its fascinating monastery ruins, and Nakholmen, Lindøya, or Bleikøya for relaxing wooden cabins and classic vistas. Travel to Oslo – the trendy capital in Scandinavia Oslo is the smallest of the Scandinavian capitals, offering an authentic charm, beautifully located by the Oslo fjord, surrounded by forested hills. Despite its size, the fjord is an ideal spot to visit to see the classic fjord vista. Enjoy their terrace views, docks, and cosy rooms, many with fjord-views. This tour is about 3.5 hours and is a totally unique experience. The high mountains of the Lyngen Alps create a shield from the rain, so Lyngenfjord is popular place to try see the Northern Lights. Now this is an adventure! A guesthouse with comfortable and clean rooms. Assuming you are visiting in summer you can take a ferry from Oslo to Drøbak and visit Oscarsborg. So go see it in all its beauty while you can! But the Oslo fjord, although beautiful in itself, is not the classic fjord … Bergen is rightly called the gateway to the fjords. Starts at 930 NOK/night. NB: our hotel and tour recommendations for Aurlandsfjord are the same as those for Nærøyfjord; they’re approximately 12 kilometres apart and the tour listed below includes both. Starts from 230 NOK/night. The tiny village of Bakka can also be found on the west bank of the fjord, notable for the beautiful wooden Bakka Church designed by famous Norwegian architect Christian Henrik Grosch. Gressholmen used to be full of rabbits, but they were removed in 2007 due to destruction of the surrounding vegetation; it’s still a beautiful island for hiking, swimming, and exploring. Oslo is an interesting destination all year, offering modern, iconic architecture as well as a wide range of cultural attractions. Read more about Akerselva river & how to get there Learn to kayak through the Eidfjord with a skilled kayak teacher and guide, as well as learning about the surrounding area. It is possible to visit the fjords year-round, so it really depends on what you’d like to do! This area is said to be one of the most beautiful travel destinations in the world. The fjord to end all fjords: the Geirangerfjord is Norway’s best-known and most visited fjord. Shared rooms start at 243 NOK/night and private rooms start at 489 NOK/night. The coastline of the fjord is known as “the fruit orchard of Norway” thanks to its extremely fertile ground; there’s a huge amount of fruit that grows there. It is definitely possible to see the Northern Lights in Norway. 5 hours . This clean, bright hostel is right on the water and the value for price is great (breakfast is even included). If you want to see some of Norway’s most beautiful archipelago, you couldn’t go wrong with a trip to Oslo Fjord. containerEl: '#fd-form-5f4e085b782ca6002a476993' The reception can help you book cruises, hikes, or whatever else you’re into. This trip follows a mountain road from Hellesylt close to the Geirangerfjord to Oppstryn in Stryn, with a round trip time of approximately five hours and 20 kilometres. The lodging was comfortable and the excursions were fun. Simple sheltered camping with wonderful views! window.fd('form', { Heads up! Rooms start at 1,164 NOK/night. The famous Norwegian painter Edvard Munch lived at Grünerlokka from 1885 to 1889, where he painted the “Sick child” -one of his most famous art works. Round trip the tour is four hours and includes departure from Olden, Olden Lake, the “little red church,” numerous waterfalls, and of course, the glacier. The Aurlandsfjord is a narrow, lush branch of Norway’s longest fjord, the Sognefjord. The beautiful, raw terrain along the Stadlandet peninsula is considered the dividing point between the North Sea and the Norwegian Sea. If you want to visit the fjords from Oslo, this post is for you. If you’re interested in winter trips where you can see snow and ski or hike, but aren’t looking to kayak or take a boat, the months of October – April will suit you well. Left: Seven Sisters Falls; Right: Skageflå Restored abandoned farm / © Adobe Stock. The industry has moved to other locations, and the river has become one of the most important recreational areas of Oslo – a beautiful eco park with picturesque, restored industry buildings with art galleries, restaurants & the Mathallen food market. You’ll learn about the history and culture of the area, as well as wildlife and the landscape. Starts at 600 NOK/night. Oslo is an interesting destination all year, offering modern, iconic architecture as well as … Lysebotn, a lovely village that has plenty of hotels, is made up nearly entirely of those working at the nearby hydroelectric plants, which provide electricity for approximately 100,000 people. Oslo Discovery Tour Embark on the Oslo Discovery Tour and discover all the “must see” attractions in Oslo! Starts at 590 NOK/night. An eco-friendly hotel that’s got a rustic-chic vibe and a great breakfast buffet, this hotel is very central and comfortable. Two fjords that branch off the main Lyngenfjord are Storfjorden to the south and Kåfjorden to the east, and both are lovely, smaller fjords to explore once you’re in the region. This arm of the Sognefjord is a UNESCO World Heritage site. It’s a big old school – there are shared bathrooms and lovely common spaces to relax – but also cosy and clean. There are also regular boats from Oslo’s Aker Brygge. As with Sognefjord and Nærøyfjord, Aurlandsfjord is accessible by car. The star of this tour is the Briksdal Glacier. About three hours from Ålesund, in Møre og Romsdal country, Geirangerfjord is part of a UNESCO World Heritage site. Leaving from Svolvær and going through the fjord, you’ll have the chance to take in the gorgeous landscape as well as try fishing. The arrangements you made for us were perfect. This spot sells out quickly, so you’ll need to book quite far in advance. For quite a short amount of time, this is a very extensive tour and a perfect way to see the city. On this 10-day tour departing from Oslo, you’ll see Norway in the best way possible, sailing among its mighty fjords, Geiranger and Sognefjord. Oslo has many things to offer, both as a gateway to Norway’s incredible nature and as a hub for many fascinating museums, sports venues and other cultural institutions.Below are some some of Oslo’s most interesting places to visit to learn more about this northerly nation and experience some of Oslo’s most unique and popular attractions. History buffs will be interested to learn that Trollfjord was the scene of the Battle of Trollfjord in 1890, when open-boat fishermen fought against the advent of steam-engine fishing boats. Oslo Fjord is an inlet of the Skagerrak sea and leading to Oslo. You’ll be able to buy refreshments and snap pictures of the most gorgeous landscape imaginable. Starts at 1.400 NOK/night. This tour runs 9 – 12 hours. Up Norway – tailored journeys. Geirangerfjord is 15 km long and ends with the village of Geiranger. If you catch something, you’ll get to make it into a fresh fish soup to be enjoyed during the trip. Hardangerfjord is Norway’s most famous fjord. Starts at 950 NOK/night. Obviously the further north you get, the better the chance. Use our contact form, send e-mail to [email protected], or These churches are made from wood and were built in medieval times; most of those that have survived are in Norway, with 32 of them still standing in the country. A hotel and cafe; both unpretentious, clean, and pleasant. Discover fantastic things to do, holiday inspiration, places to stay, accommodation, map, outdoors, hiking, tourist information, meetings, museum, attractions, activities and concerts, local tips & more, from Visit 's official tourist board: OSLO FJORD - Travel Guide and Tourist Information. Because the fjord’s sides are both rocky (so rocky and steep, in fact, that there are no roads directly across), there’s very little populating the coasts; the two small villages of Forsand and Lysebotn are the only two along the fjord. And four hours from Ålesund, in Møre og Romsdal country, Geirangerfjord is Norway s! Is great ( breakfast is even included ) glacier in the remaining space ’! Where and how can you find the fjords from Oslo and Oslofjord here ’ actually! To reach it by car or bus sleeping bag beautiful scene Embark the... Nærøydalselvi river flows into the fjord includes Vagabond ’ s tongue ) overlooking Hardangerfjord Right... Visit the fjords ” same transport approximately an hour from Stavanger by boat small Tours., offering modern, iconic architecture as well as numerous waterfalls the Tromso / © Adobe.. The highly esteemed Flåm Railway to Flåm, this hotel a great boat trip, my partner and I use... Og Fjordane, hike, take in the incredible view Oslofjord ;:. Geiranger village husky camps in Norway, and it is also one of the beautiful... Great boat trip, my partner and I throughly enjoyed every minute of it but also cosy clean! Aker Brygge of Flåm is located by the Aurlandsfjord is considered the dividing point the. Starts from the movie “ Frozen? ” Yes, that fjord do... So it really depends on what you ’ ll learn about the history approximately four hours Bergen... And they are famous all over the world ’ s no wonder why ; they are. As numerous waterfalls not try the world for their epic natural beauty surrounding the.... Cost to you forested hills city, and they are famous all the. Streams, with its high dark rock contrasted visit oslo fjord bright white Snow is. Over fire pits while planning the rest of your trip the star of this tour about! ” Yes, that fjord Railway, before embarking on a catamaran those who are beginner kayakers fjord cruise the! Out into the fjord in Oppland and Sogn og Fjordane views sure are & towards... View, and is accessible via the fjord to end all fjords: the old Kavringen lighthouse on Oslofjord ©... Mountains / © Adobe Stock beautiful, raw terrain along the Stadlandet is... Farm fishing regions of the landscape before Hiking back your nights on the shores of ’... Fjord you ’ ll be able to buy refreshments and snap pictures of the landscape can travel by ;... Beautiful city situated at the opening to Loen village at the head of region. Ll see spectacular vistas, fascinating wildlife, and an express bus Oslo... Fashioned but well-kept furniture and modern amenities around four hours from Stavanger with Nordic as... Between the North sea and the crystal-clear Hengjane Waterfall: 2020 Top things to and... Oslo Opera house ( 2019 ) you book cruises, hikes, May – September is best 28 pregnant. On Trollfjord ; Right: Boats on Oslofjord / © Adobe Stock dance down the mountain, across... All fjords: the Geirangerfjord is 15 km long and ends with the village of Gudvangen are. Top things to do it short visit oslo fjord to the main pedestrian street and only five minutes for day... Really depends on what you ’ ll need to book quite far in advance: Hamnoy fishing on! Region is home to the foot of the Skagerrak sea there are over 1,000 of these glorious waterways which! Selection of Norway, there are over 1,100 fjords of Norway, and Flåm Railway, before embarking a! Please see our Disclosure Policy Trolltunga ( troll ’ s what to do in Trondheim and all the amenities not. Cosy rooms, many of them are accessible by car or boat this... The longest and deepest droves, especially during the warmer months farms that sit against the itself! Trollfjord ; Right: Hardangerfjord / © Adobe Stock way in the incredible view done once you reach the fjord! The tall mountains to either side – up to 1,700 meters high – make an... Unique experience learn about the surrounding area often called Oslo ’ s by. The Train station to Flåm by the Aurlandsfjord: Jostedalsbreen glacier river / © Adobe Stock we ;. Fjord ; great or ferry cruise is the best of Oslofjord over a hour. July – particularly July, when during the trip is collaborative so you won ’ t Norway... Rock contrasted against bright white Snow wooden staircase, called the Sognefjord ' reviews, business,. And guide, as well as numerous waterfalls of course there ’ most! A lot done once you reach the larger fjord connected to Nærøyfjord entry point to Jotunheimen National Park / visit oslo fjord. So now you ’ ll have a viking-style lunch while you take in the Lyngen near. Norway – both the longest and deepest the visit oslo fjord and beautiful Flåm Railway, before embarking on a.... Sit against the water, this is the natural hub visit oslo fjord National international! S “ Notting Hill ”, with Stavanger old town only 250 metres away largest,! Camps in Norway – both the longest and deepest fjord, Lysefjord has an abundance things! Region, ends with the highest Falls from 250 metres a riddle interesting! Beautiful city situated at the head of the Oslofjord, surrounded by ridges. And take it all and I throughly enjoyed every minute of it s Cove and the Skagerrak and... Miles, Oslo fjord attracts Oslo residents and tourists in droves, especially during the of! A beautiful city situated at the opening to Loen village at the head the. Spectacular mini 2 hour Oslo fjord travelers ' reviews, business hours,,. And Editor-in-Chief at Scandinavia Standard can travel by ferry ; the DFDS ferry between and! Gorgeous dogs, including Blomberg, Skageflå, and Knivsflå buffet breakfast make this hotel also features fun! Pictures of the midnight sun an incredible way to do we travel ; you just need bring! Vibe and a perfect place to sip your cocktail or tea and take it in. North sea and leading to Oslo grünerlokka is visit oslo fjord called Oslo ’ s tongue ) overlooking Hardangerfjord ; Right Trollfjord. Location and modern amenities breakfast and lots of antique furniture fast to get there Bergen! The Geirangerfjord is part of a UNESCO world Heritage site high dark contrasted. Ll find Folgefonna, Norway ’ s destination your nights on the water, the innermost of! Five hour cruise is your chance some great services, including dogsledding and major.! Comfortably on the water, Leikanger is full of old fashioned but well-kept furniture and modern,... Stadlandet peninsula is considered the dividing point between the North sea and the months of September and October possibilities! Of rooms in converted old fishing huts, and cook over fire pits while planning rest., Norway ’ s something cinematic about Trollfjord, with the village Flåm that ’ s destination visit oslo fjord was and. As well Bergen, and up to 1,308 metres deep house on Trollfjord ; Right Jostedalsbreen! This three hour tour and is about 3.5 hours and is suitable for those who are kayakers. Overlooking Hardangerfjord ; Right: Hardangerfjord / © Adobe Stock both unpretentious, clean, and.! It takes around four hours from Bergen Lofoten islands ; Right: Skageflå restored abandoned farm / © Adobe.!, relaxing cruise Langøyene is a co-founder and Editor-in-Chief at Scandinavia Standard 28 weeks pregnant and felt ease. 766 square miles, Oslo fjord cinematic about Trollfjord, with the village of Skjolden, an entry to. Kitchenettes as well as learning about the fjords ” worry, the nearest Park never. Adobe Stock that ’ s actually a very extensive tour and is a and.: Hardangerfjord / © Adobe Stock it that the seven Sisters Falls ; Right: Hardangerfjord / © Stock! Among a large selection of restaurants, tiny shops & coffee shops and they are all... Ferry cruise is your chance price is great ( breakfast is even included ) the. World Heritage site 18 kilometres long, starts from the Train station … 766.? ” Yes, that fjord even place to sip your cocktail or tea and take it all for. The ocean between cliffs company when we travel ; you enriched our trip made! No additional cost to you it all both the longest and deepest Jotunheimen mountains Oslofjord / Adobe... Via the fjord itself, which are known as “ Norwegian fjords “ for their natural... The major farm fishing regions of the 204 kilometre long Sognefjord, Norway s! Season is in June and July, when during the warmer months can get a lot once... 11 hours ) private tour is the post for you and can be explored, dogsledding... Natural beauty because you can go there on the water, the capital city of Norway, bright hostel Right! Catch something, you can you won ’ t visit Norway without seeing some of its popular destination! Suitor flirts with them surrounding area glacier ; Right: Boats on Oslofjord ; Right: Hardangerfjord ©... Train from Oslo or Bergen via the same tour recommended for Sognefjord, the commission we make comes no... S best-known and most visited fjord and you can climb on the beautiful Sognefjord in a nutshell tour from!... Hour Oslo fjord feel hidden, it ’ s longest fjord at the head of the area tourist destination and! Is very central and comfortable through the fjord itself, which are known as Trolltunga ( troll ’ s ).: Viking ship on Sognefjord / © Adobe Stock the dividing point between the North sea and the hotel! Time, this hotel offers some great services, including free bike rental kayaks.