It no longer fit & had to sell it. Would I just swap the 2 speed fan relay for a single speed relay? Snip the excess length of the ties off. Report abuse. These big fans can pull 35-40 amps continuously at full power, so power and ground cables for these fans should be fat, such as 8-10 gauge (AWG). part # is F3LY8C607A I used a dremel and cut the ridges flush with the surface. The 97-98 spin 1800 on low and 2225 on high. The only drawback is that they are huge and noisy. I was trying to figure out if the fan listed below is the same specs as the factory fan. Steven Kovar. My radiator is 22 1/2 length so I am trying to figure out a better fan. For the key on 12V, I spliced into the wiring harness near the mass air meter. 8.Next, install the fan and radiator combo into the car. I will also need to modify this fan to make it fit , so if it isn’t as powerful as the factory fan (4000+ cfm) then I want to return it. Lincoln Mark VIII 1998, Auxiliary Engine Cooling Fan by Four Seasons®. Two are postive leads and one is ground. Free shipping. I looked at that fan you listed ,in the questions, answered airflow 2400 cfm,return that turd a.s.a.p. Certified Pre-Owned: No. I searched 97 mark viii and this is the fan that comes up as an oe fit. 2.0 out of 5 stars Dud. Fan diameter is 18" and the fan blades are … Free shipping. Run another 10 guage wire from the relay to the fan, and some 10 guage wire from the fan to a good ground. Free Same Day Store Pickup. As the name implies, the true Mark VIII fan is an 18-inch unit that equipped '93-98 Lincoln Mark VIII coupes. My first post I was trying to say that if you can't find a Mark VIII fan that the Ford Contour fan is a nice alternative. Physically looks the same from what I can tell from photos compared to the factory fan. 93-96 use p/n F3LY 8C607 A @ 245.80 Description: Used 1994 Lincoln Mark VIII 2 Dr STD Coupe for sale - $7,900 - 99,100 miles with Leather Seats, Sunroof/Moonroof, Alloy Wheels. Free shipping. I'm gonna look into using the Mark VIII radiator as well if the plumbing is right and if it'll fit. When happy, Run a 10 guage wire from the positive side of the solenoid to the relay. It will run both the fan and the pump independently and it does it with a variable speed style ramp up for each. Check out free battery charging and engine diagnostic testing while you are in store. Order Lincoln Mark VIII Radiator Fan Assembly online today. Supplies and Tools:Lincoln Mark VIII electric fan (I used 93-96), radiator ties (used to mount tranny coolers to radiator), drill, dremel or jig saw, misc. Here at Advance Auto Parts, we work with only top reliable Radiator Fan Motor product and part brands so you can shop with complete confidence. Do not let it run for very long with out the car will drain your battery. Test fit the fan and radiator together in the car. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Here's another diagram that shows the basics to wiring up a relay for this application. I’d have to modify it. 1979 - 1995 (Fox, SN95.0, & 2.3L) -General/Talk-. So my jumper harness ties both the low and high speed circuits together feeding the Mark 8 and in my tune I'll set both low and high to come on at the same time. All installed and you can't even tell. 98's use p/n F8LZ 8C607 AA @ 140.11 The 93-96 spin 1100 rpms on low and 1850 on highspeed. You could have the fan turned on at a certain temperature. 5.Now, mount the overflow bottle to the shroud. The 93-96 spin slower according to Ford Motorsport Tech line. And if not, what about with a stock-size radiator? Joined: Feb 4, 2008 Location: Ma. ), the radiator fan, or a failed thermostat. 9.Now its time to get some power. Messages: 415 Likes Received: 5. If your still using the stock radiator, then you might get by with out having to cut the shroud thinner. The bottle will simply lay flat after this. Check everything again. The Mark VIII fan has three wires originating from the plug. The Ramcharger style fans do not go all the way to the bottom of the radiator, so I suggest using some through-radiator ties to hold it flush against the radiator. Special thanks to Kim for helping me with my fan install. These fans exceed the amperage & functionality capabilities of this fan controller. THe MArk VIII cooled 640hp 460 in the Tucson AZ summer (no AC) the 93 fan pulls close to 5000 CFM at 14+ volts. 7.Now, gently slide the ties through the radiator and push the fan tight to the radiator. It is not just on and off. A genuine Mark VIII fan is 4500 cfm. The controller is part # 50p35 and it was designed and built specifically for the Mark VIII fan coupled up with a Meziere electric water pump. In the winter I may put a toggle in the key on 12V source so that I can turn the fan off if I chose. You are using an out of date browser. 110 degree ambiant air temps, almost 150 degrees of the asphault in summer. Free shipping. The one you have is a Dorman knockoff. Using the appropriate drill bit, drill 1 hole in each of the corners of the Mark VIII fan. Can anyone corroborate that this is possible? How are you expecting anybody to know how many CFM a cut down version of a fan originally rated to 4000 cfm will flow after you've modified it? There are other possibilites when wiring this fan up. See good deals, great deals and more on Used Lincoln Mark VIII. The Mark VIII fan shrouds fit on a Chevelle radiator like it was made to go there. For severe cooling needs, the electric fan from the Lincoln Mark VIII provides the greatest airflow. The best part is, our Lincoln Mark VIII Radiator Fan Motor products start from as little as $60.99. Jul 28, 2011 #130. motown 454 Veteran Member. 93 94 Lincoln Mark Viii Electric Cooling Fan Motor 12v Oem Siemens F8lu-8k621-aa 214.99 View Item Details 93-96 Lincoln Mark Viii 8 Electric Radiator Engine Cooling Fan Motor Shroud 6854 199.99 View Item Details Ford Thunderbird Mark Viii 8 Jeep Hot Rod Mustang Project Electric Fan … It's only a 1 core but if it'll cool down a DOHC 4.6 then it should be good for a mild 302. This unit is designed to control 2 electric fans with a Maximum Draw of 35 Continuous Amps Per Fan. 2.Re-install the bolts that held the fan assembly to the water pump pulley. What do I need for a single speed Mark VIII fan? I grabbed my previous contour fan from a junk yard. Some so-called Contour fans are not OEM quality. The install looks factory. The stock fans have two circuits for low and high speed, the Mark 8 is a single speed fan only. Wireloom to taste. Hey, it works! "What is strange though is the same statement can be found even on their high amperage dual fan controller. the mark VIII IS a two speed fan. Color: Pearl White You could buy some grade 8 nuts and bolts...but why? The install looks factory, especially when you use the factory overflow bottle. 6.Get some help for this part. JavaScript is disabled. (Its also almost mandatory that your car be upgraded with a 130A 3G alternator). For the Mark VIII fans with custom brackets, the J-clips at the bottom of the radiator need to be trimmed by.5", which is very simple and only takes some tin snips to do. There should be no part of the fan above or below the radiator. It is suggested that these fans will pull an estimated 4000 CFM on high. Fan is getting replaced by vendor. Popular Imperial parts include: Imperial Electric Fan … To use the factory hardware, hold the clip with a pair of pliers while you tighten the bolt. I may wire it to my Microsquirt and see if my fan controller isn’t working that effective. This diagram is based on a car with a 3 core aftermarket radiator. The (yellow) tabs on the right only need be trimmed if desired. I have two of them and use them daily. The Taurus fan is a little thinner but requires a lot more trimming to get the shroud to sit flush on the radiator (really important IMO if you're gonna use helps to distribute air throughout the radiator). Specially cfm- I bought it and hooked it up and it doesn’t seem to produce more cfm as the fan I’m running now which is peak of 2499 cfm. Guaranteed by Tue, Dec 29. Perfect fan for electric fan swaps, no wonder all the hot rods use the Mark VIII fan its perfect. The factory bolts and clips can be used to mount the bottle. When it comes to your Lincoln Mark VIII, you want parts and products from only trusted brands. Its not recommended to use more washers as that will leave less room for the fan motor. (I measured an inch and a half away from the corners) Slip the ties into the holes with the tail pointing towards the radiator. Factory stamping, $30 bucks, can’t go wrong. If you are going to re-use th re-use the factory piece, then you must first un-bolt it from the factory shroud.