I have been extremely busy at work and finally had a chance this morning. And I guess every fitness loving person won’t want to compromise with it. On your watch > Settings > Airplane Mode. If you hold something in the same hand as the device while walking, it might not count all steps accurately. My steps are no longer showing on my dashboard but when I follow the steps given to other people it doesn't seem to match up. Then, release the side button. How do I get them in sync and which one is correct? To see how you’re trending, follow these steps: Open the Fitness app on your iPhone, then tap Summary. To Update Apple Watch: Make sure your iPhone is already updated to the latest version. If the in-app activity tracking doesn’t seem accurate, perform the following steps: Make sure the app remains open, at least in the background, so that your steps can be properly tracked. Swipe up, then tap Change Goals. To find your step count in the Activity app, press the Digital Crown button on your Apple Watch to open the app launcher. He worked as a Senior Technology Director. Open the Watch app on the paired iPhone. fitbit one is correct iphone6 App isn't. If it has, you are ready to go! I unpaired the watch and then paired it again. Show All Data - make sure recent steps data is showing here Update your app to the latest version of Lose It! 3. Track how far you walk and how many steps you take. Steps is a pedometer and activity tracker. Next, tap Unpair Apple Watch and tap the confirm the process option. Finally, go to Settings > Apps & Devices > Choose Steps Data Source and select Fitbit. Join hands-on sessions happening every day at the Apple Store. The Activity app on your Apple Watch is like a fitness tracker. Screen shared my phone to show her all my missing date points since upgrading to ios14. Fix Health App Not Working on iPhone 6 6+ 6S 6S+ SE 5S This is located at the bottom-left corner of your screen. Last 2 days my sare not registering correctly my iphone it is approx.1300 step different. Tap the toggle next to Apple Health to enable. Sometimes you may start having problems. Step 3: Toggle on Show on Dashboard. Here, select the “ Activity” app. The system is pretty accurate. And tap Unpair Apple Watch. Many a time, software update succeeds in resolving bugs and even improving performance. Settings > Privacy > Privacy > Location Services and ensure that Location Services is enabled. Then tap Activity, scroll down until you find Steps, and tap that. This morning I had a 3 mile walk and recorded it but it did not show. And then pair your Apple Watch with your iPhone. You will also have to enter your Apple ID to unpair your Apple Watch. which for some reason for the first time ever had trouble seeing my device this took several attempts. He holds a doctoral degree (or doctorate) from the University of Illinois at Urbana / Champaign and a master’s degree from Purdue University. Step 1: Open your Health application, navigate to the bottom and choose Health Data. Although there are several other health apps for iPhone, default Apple health does a pretty good job for basic fitness metrics. The Activity app on your Apple Watch is like a fitness tracker. Tap Add Data in the upper-right corner. However, in some rare cases, you might have to go for a radical measure. And, if you have an Apple Watch, it automatically tracks your Activity data. Step #5. If the problem continues, it’s time to update Apple Watch and iPhone. How to unpair your Apple Watch and iPhone; What to do if you forget your Apple Watch passcode (shows how to reset your Watch) How to pair and set up an Apple Watch with your iPhone; Wrapping it up. Sometimes you may notice that the Activity App is not working correctly. How to Use iPhone Health App to Count Your Steps? If not, try the following method. If you click on the Adjustment for more info - time of sync and the daily burn at that point - and compare to what Apple is saying, you'll see a major flaw if you have the accounts synced (not just allowing MFP to get steps). How to Fix It, How to Do Group FaceTime on iPhone and iPad, How to Delete Google Maps Search History on iPhone. When you exit the app, do not force close it (swiping up on the multi tasking menu), as this will stop Pacer from working in the background. ); Apple Support is always there to troubleshoot the problem. Tagged With: Activity, Apple Watch. It shows the amount of steps but gives me nothing You can also enter information into a Health category or get data from any of your favorite apps or devices that are compatible with Health. In order to connect the Apple Health and Activity apps to MapMy, please follow the instructions below. For iPhone 4, 4s, 5, and 5c: In your iPhone's settings, make sure that "Background App Refresh" is enabled for Pacer. Tap Allow on any permissions if asked.. But in some cases, the activity app not working properly and therefore don’t seem to show workout data. Scroll down to the “Total Steps” section to see your step count for the day. Activity App Keeps Crashing or Freezing, How Can You Fix It? After doing some digging and trying out various methods, here are a few of my best solutions to fix the problem. Make sure that your watch’s battery isn’t critically low. After you try each step below, please check to see if your problem is fixed. Question: Q: Activity app shows more steps than Health app I’m monitoring my steps every day Andy have certain targets to hit to pay for my Apple Watch. “Motion & Fitness” lets apps access many essential data such as step count, stairs climbed, body motion and more. If the above steps still not work, you should restart your iPhone or iPod Touch If the motion data does not appear on dashboard then follow below way. Finally, a list of options should be displayed. Also that the friggen’ health app is my biggest battery drain for the past 4 days! Tap on Edit at the top-right corner of the summary screen. Open the MapMy app and select the Menu ("...") at the bottom right. Next, restart both your smartwatch and iPhone. I do not see a friends tab or a showme option in my profile. If you are already linked to an Activity Tracker that's compatible with MyFitnessPal Step Tracking, tap that item in the list of options. Your email address will not be published. Hopefully, you could get rid of the issue without going that far. If feel that Apple Watch activity app not working, then one thing that can … We’d appreciate having your feedback down below in the comments. Apple Watch 3 iphone 7 plus. Then, those step show up on the chart for the next day, but are not counted towards the next day’s steps either. Check your settings. Tried rebooting both fitbit and iphone, also reinstalled app on iphone and ipad. So, just tap it. On your iPhone, open the Watch app, then tap My Watch (bottom of the screen) > your Watch (top of the screen). And then noticed that the issue began even prior to going up to watchOS7 (I waited about 24 hours before adding the watch to 7). This app tracks your activity throughout the day and counts it towards your activity goals. Earn Activity awards using your Apple Watch. The old “Activity” app has been rebranded to “Fitness”, and this is what you’ll find throughout iOS when looking for information. Firmly press the display. Activity - This app is on both your iPhone and your Apple Watch. When you are done, end the activity. Open Watch app on your iPhone → My Watch tab → General → Software Update. We are talking about restating your watch. If your steps do not appear in the summary, tap ‘Show All Health Data’ and then tap ‘Steps’ To fix active calories not syncing to Lose It! And confirm this by tapping Unpair Apple Watch. Follow the steps below: You may also want to reset your calibration data by opening the Apple Watch app on your iPhone. On your iPhone 8/8 Plus or earlier, double press the Home button and then swipe up on the app card to quit it. Solutions to Fix Activity App Not Showing Data on Apple Watch and iPhone Solution #1. Tap Show All Data to view a history of your daily step counts. So, ensure that it’s enabled. Force Quit Activity App And Re-launch It The first trick that you should give a try to resolve this issue is force quit the Activity app and re-launch it. In most cases, a restart or software update can sort out the problem. On bumpy roads or in a car with a stiff transmission you may get extra steps. Walk or run at least 20 minutes. In the app's "More" page, tap "Settings" then "Steps." So you don’t get credit for those steps, because they were really part of a work out that you did the day before, but it bled over into the next day because you forgot to turn hit ‘Finish’ that particular work out. Your total steps for the day will be taken as a combination of steps from your prioritised device and any secondary devices. You may also be merely using the iPhone as a step reader for MFP to use - but not actually synced between accounts - MFP & Apple. 8. The Activity app on your iPhone lets you view your activity progress and history. Last 2 days my sare not registering correctly my iphone it is approx.1300 step different. See also: Activity App Keeps Crashing or Freezing, How Can You Fix It? Open up the Health app on your iPhone and then do the following. Enter your Apple ID password and then tap Unpair. After that, press and hold the Digital Crown. I changed it back to steps, synced and it still shows calories. 9. You can turn Web & App Activity off or delete past activity at any time. When using my iPhone, If I go to account the main goal says it is steps, but on my dashboard it shows as calories. You will need to do a firmware update to get things back to normal again. Turn on and wait a few seconds and turn off Airplane Mode on your iPhone and Apple Watch. AirPods Are Connected But There Is No Sound, Apple Watch Workout Route Not Showing in the Activity App, Fix, Software Update Is Required To Connect To Your iOS Device, Installation Failed. Wear your tracker against your skin, not over clothing. The data that your Apple Watch collects should sync automatically and wirelessly with your iPhone. It’s generally recommended that we should all get in at least 10,000 steps a day to stay active. Show All Data - make sure recent steps data is showing here; Update your app to the latest version of Lose It! You can do so by going to Settings > General and Shut Down. Tap a subcategory, like Steps. 2) When the graph page opens, scroll down a bit and select Unit. On your iPhone or iPad, visit the Activity controls page. To update your iPhone, tap Settings > General > Software Update. Ok, so your steps are not syncing. Again go to Settings > Privacy > Privacy > Location Services and tap System Services and then make sure that Motion Calibration & Distance is turned on. Tap on the All tab to see the different activities you can choose to monitor. As you walk, the colors change to show your progress like a sunrise. With the Activity app, you can track your activity and progress, so that you can optimize your workouts. The initial sync can take several hours. What if I don't earn all my Activity credit? Open the Activity app on your Apple Watch. On your iPhone, ensure that the following settings are turned on. Sending data from Workouts can provide more detailed information for the Activity app. Now, head over to the Activity app to see if it has begun to pop up the data or started to work properly. If none of the tricks have shot out the issue, it’s time to go for the radical solution.