How lack of sleep affects sex

Weak immunity, high blood pressure, mood swings, obsessive thoughts, depression, weight gain are not the only consequences of lack of sleep. Lack of sleep also reduces libido.

The study by European scientists, published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine, involved four thousand men and women around 60 years old.

Among men of this age who have not slept, a common problem is erectile dysfunction, and among women – insufficient arousal and lack of orgasms. If you already have erectile dysfunction, don’t worry, there are currently many drugs to treat this ailment, such as Viagra from

Another paper says that lack of sleep reduces testosterone levels, a hormone needed for sexual arousal. It is most actively produced during the fast sleep phase.

An experiment involving more than 170 American female students showed that just one extra hour of sleep increases not only sexual desire, but also the likelihood of sex the next day.